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Confronting Fear Outside Your Comfort Zone

Confronting Fear Outside Your Comfort Zone

Dear Friends,  I have just published a new piece on Medium which I hope you will read here on my website.   I’m always willing to share a little something personal in order to inspire others, so I hope you find my story of interest.

Medium is a great platform on which to write because not only can my piece be read by the vast number of Medium subscribers,  but my work can also be monetized by readers reactions to what I write. I don’t expect to create an income stream because that’s not my objective, but psychic reward feels really, really good.

If you like what I wrote, I suggest that at the end of the story you look to the left for the small hand clapping icon and click on it to give me a clap.  If you LOVE the story, then hold your finger down longer and give me 50 claps, the best psychic reward I can have.

Many thanks, as always for your support, and please click on this link to read my story.





Pam Perkins

  • Candice Stein

    September 23, 2019 at 7:39 pm Reply

    The claps didn’t seem to be happening. But 50 claps for sure. Great job, Pam!

    • mm

      Pam Perkins

      September 23, 2019 at 7:48 pm Reply

      I certainly appreciate your trying. It’s not a big deal really. Most of all I’m glad you liked it. Thank you, Candice.

  • Cindy Lougheed

    September 24, 2019 at 7:43 am Reply

    Great article Pam. We were recently discussing this very subject as we decided to sell our retirement condo in the USVI because we adopted a rescue pup from there and could not fly her back and forth! We did not plan on adopting a dog, but could not resist her. So now we are on the next step of our adventure and are buying a house in New Mexico so we can drive there and take her with us. We are looking forward to spending time exploring the food, culture and hiking trails there! Take care

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